The Commodity

There was a rap at the door. Nothing but a salesman, but what he had to sell was not the usual thing. So she bought it and put it in the kitchen cabinet for emergencies. And when times got rough – and times did get rough – so she used it and it pulled her through the crisis – so she bought some more and used it every time there was a crisis – and only then – for a can of God was very expensive and must be used wisely.

So the salesman went from door to door and from house to house and everywhere he went people bought a can of God. But God grew tired of all this. He wanted people to come to him instead of him going to them. So the salesman built a large building and called it the Supermarket of God, for in every row and on every shelf, there were nothing but cans of God.

So the people came from all over the city to purchase a can of God. So God grew and supermarkets of God sprang up all over the land and eventually in every city of the world.

And many years passed and as things tend to happen on this earth, God was no more. He had been all used up. But mankind no longer needed cans of God, for man had built a perfect civilization (with the help of the cans of God, of course).

So man gave up God…or was it that God gave up man?