Order of Events

1.The Church, The Body of Christ Snatched Away (1Th. 4:13-18; 1Cor. 15:50-55; Rom. 11:25; Col. 3:4; Phil. 3:20,21; Titus 2:13)

2.The Gog invasion of the Middle East --Israel, Jordan, and Palestinian lands--(Ezek. 38:8,16) Also called "Jacob's Trouble" (Jer. 30:3-10). This is not the same event as The Great Tribulation.

3. Yahweh destroys Gog and its allies upon the mountains of Israel, the land is a desolation, and the house of Israel comes to know that Yahweh is their God (Ezek. 38:16-23; 39:1-22).

4. The Greater Exodus of Israel, from all over the world, (Isa. 11:11; Jer. 16:14,15; 23:7,8; 31:8-17; Ezek. 20:33,34). They are then brought into "the wilderness of the peoples" to "pass under the rod" and come "under the bounds of the covenant" (Ezek. 20:35-37). Yahweh will "purge out" the rebels and those who transgress, they will not enter the land. But the rest of Israel shall enter (Ezek. 20:38,40-43). This covenant of Bondage is the one restored from Ex. 34 when Moses came down a second time from Mount Sinai. This is not the New Covenant, it will be instituted when Christ is on earth for His thousand year reign.

5. The arrival of Elijah, to turn the hearts of the children to the fathers and the fathers to the children (Mal. 4:5,6). He indeed will restore all things (pertaining to restored and re-gathered Israel, Matt. 17:11). Thus begins "the restoration of all things spoken of by His holy prophets" (Acts 3:19-21). This will also be the known as "The Seasons of Refreshing" (Acts 3:21) as well as "The Kingdom of the Heavens" (Matt. 13:24-30; 36-43).

6. The Greater Pentecost. Israel enters the land, rebuilds the burned-out ruins, (Ezek. 36:33,34; Isa. 60:10; 61:4; Amos 9:11,14) and cleanses the land of dead bodies (Ezek. 39:9-16) God pours out His spirit upon the land, (Isa. 32:13-18; Ezek. 36:24-36; 39:28,29) and upon all flesh (Joel 2:28-31; Acts 2:17-21). This all takes place before the Day of the Lord (hundreds of years before). A covenant of Peace instituted (Ezek. 34:25; 37:26). This covenant will not be one of bondage, but will be the reintroduction of the original covenant God made with Israel, When He took them out of Egypt, which they broke (Ex. 32:19).

7. The word goes forth (from a Prophet, Elijah?) to rebuild and to restore Jerusalem, the count of 490 years begins (Dan. 9:24-27; Jer. 31:37-40). King David is upon the throne, many others will be raised from the dead during this era. (Hosea 3:4,5; Jer. 30:8,9; Ezek. 34:23,24; 37:21-26). The temple of God restored and built, an era of world peace begins (Ezek. 40-48; Isa. 2:1-4; Zach. 1:16-21; 8:23; Micah 4:1-3). This is not to be confused with the Thousand year reign of Christ, which will follow after The Great Tribulation.

8. After several hundred years of peace and security ( 1Thess. 5:2,3; Isa. 2:1-4; Micah 4:1-3), scoffers and doubters will arise saying "where is the promise of His presence" (2 Pet. 3:3,4), Israelites who have believed the "Evangel of the Circumcision" and that Jesus is the Messiah, will begin to be persecuted (Isa. 66:5,6; Matt. 24:9-12; Rev. 3:8), and will go into lands outside of Israel to practice their faith, for example, the 7 assemblies mentioned in the Revelation (Rev. 2-3). The Gentile nations will begin to become restless and do battle with one another (Matt. 24:6-8; Rev. 6:1-9) and will reverse their peaceful uses of tools for peace into tools of war (Joel 3:9-16) as the Day of the Lord draws near.

9. The work of Satan and his demons begin to bear fruit (the tares of Matt. 13:24-30; 36-43), culminating in the unveiling of the Man of Lawless, the Wild Beast and Antichrist ( Rev. 13:1-18). Midway through the last 7 years of the 490 years, he proclaims himself to be God and causes the sacrifice to cease in the temple of God (2 Thess. 2:3-10) also called "The abomination of desolation" (Matt. 24:15; Dan. 9:27; 11:31; 12:11). This is the apostasy of Israel during the close of the latter days. This last three and a half years is "The Great Tribulation" (Matt. 24:21), and the "Conclusion of the Eon" (Matt. 24:3b). This will culminate in the Lord Jesus' return to earth when He is present upon the earth, and begins His reign for 1,000 years.